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For over Sixty years, the internationally renown Red Auerbach International Basketball School has been so much more than just another summer camp for boys. This program is for serious players, being taught and coached by seasoned pros who have a passion for the game. Co-founded by the greatest of all NBA coaches, Arnold "Red" Auerbach, we emphasize drills, instruction and competitive games. From the basics to the subtleties of the game, we work hard to help our guys improve their game, get a good feeling for their own development, and understand that success comes from hard work both on the court and in life. We are not a select school, and welcome all talent levels as we are dedicated to making each and every player better than when they came.

For boys 11 to 18

Sunday, July 26th through Friday, July 31st, 2020.

Our History

The Red Auerbach International Basketball School for boys was established in 1960. Jerry Volk, whose son would later become the Celtics General Manager under Red, had operated a summer camp in Marshfield, Massachusetts for several years. Red met Jerry at the camp and, with a handshake, the basketball school was born.

In the early days, it was as much a training facility for the Celtics as it was a camp for kids.The camp has evolved from those early years of hot-top courts, 18 kids, rustic cabins and cold showers to world-class facilities featuring indoor courts, lighted outdoor courts, a fantastic dining hall and comfortable AIR CONDITIONED dorm living.

After our 50th year celebration in 2010, we are even more committed to starting a new tradition of campers that are better determined to work hard, play hard and do what it takes to become a better basketball player!

Our Philosophy

We believe that good basketball players are made, not born. We also know that A for Academics comes before the B for Basketball. We request that every camper with a final report card showing Honor Roll status for the academic year, bring their card to camp so that we can honor their achievement during the awards presentation on the final day.

Red's Pointers

The following are some pointers from lectures Red gave at camp a few years before his passing. They were appropriate then as they are now.  His teachings and influences will forever be a part of our school.  The School is now the legacy to Red's great name and reputation.

We play a lot of basketball during the week school is in session. But there's a lot to learn about basketball even when you're not on the court. Don't you think you could learn something from someone with 16 NBA Championship rings?

Here are a few excerpts from some of Red's past lectures to the students:

Red on passing...

"I've been watching you guys for the last couple of days and I want you to get something firmly in your mind. REMEMBER... NO PASS IS A GOOD PASS, UNLESS SOMEONE CATCHES IT!!!! It doesn't matter how you throw it, SOMEONE BETTER CATCH IT or your ass will be on the bench- a dropped pass is NEVER the PASSERS FAULT..."

Red on Shooting...

"Let's switch to shooting. You can't hear this enough-this is a basketball, not a beach ball. The basketball has SEAMS and you should be using them every time you shoot. 95% of the great shooters have great spin on the ball. Some call it "Shooters Touch," since the right spin helps the ball go in when you don't hit dead center..."

Red on Defense...

"Let me talk about a little defense. It's ninety percent CONCENTRATION. I got my man and g*d damn it, he is NOT going to score!! I challenge my man and I concentrate on him with or without the ball. KEEP YOUR HANDS UP, YOUR BODY BACK AND YOUR WEIGHT ON THE BACK FOOT..."

This is vintage Red. He was truly special, direct, and to the point. We sure miss his being here, but his philosophies and teachings go on all week.

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